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Conquer Item/DB Hacks


Welcome Computer Board 2

This site is used and made to hack the Conqueronline gaming system.
Users must understand that this site is illegal and that this site must not be known by the Conqueronline team. The hacking system of this site is through the Conqueronline I.P. address.
Organization News
Please watch out for another site we will launch this coming January of 2006.
Terms And Agreement
Please understand that we have a monitoring system on the players.
once we load an item of the players desire, we will not give another item so please choose wisely.

Terms Of Service

The terms and agreement above metioned is very important for the
requestor or player so you must understand each and every word of it.
If you solomly swear to agree with the terms and agreement so
mentioned please click yes if not then decline and click no.
Thank you for visiting the site.    C0 hack team. 

What's New?

access to bigger and better items in larger amounts!